Snowflake:  Snowflake is an Amish puppy mill pup from Lancaster Puppies.  Snowflake wasn’t one of the “lucky” puppies adopted young, before they bore the effects of the abuse and neglect involved in mass producing puppies.  Snowflake lived in the mill for at least 6 months, with limited care and human contact.  While he is a stunning dog on the outside, Snowflake bears the deep scars only a puppy mill can inflict.  Snowflake was sold, at a discount, touted as a “Goberian” (golden retriever / Siberian husky mix).  His new family quickly looked to surrender him when they realized the work involved and how deeply Snowflake had been affected by the abuse inherent in mass breeding.  Snowflake is an incredibl sweet puppy who adores other animals and wants to trust, but he is terrified of the outside world, particularly frightened of men.  Snowflake is now safe, in a loving foster home where every day, he learns to trust his foster family and the outside world a little bit more.  It will take time, commitment and the broken hearts of rescuers who love deeply then send him on his way a stronger dog, but we promise to give Snowflake the happily ever after story he so deserves. 

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